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About Vital 'Felix' Constant Nicolle: Felix was born 23 February 1872 in Ivry-la-Bataille, Eure, Normandie, France to Jules Nicolle and Vitaline Galichet. He was about 9 years old when he arrived in Canada ca 1882. He served as a godfather for Mathilda Florida's baptism in 1890. Other than that, there are only two facts recorded that I have, so far, found. The first was a 1891 census record of Algoma, Ontario, listed him as a lodger. The last known fact for Felix Nicolle was his draft record for WWI 1917-1918. The record states his place of residence was Princeton, Marquette, Michigan, he was not married, that he was tall, with very dark brown hair and blue eyes and in good health. His age, at the time of enlistement, was 45 years old. After that, it's unknown what happened to him. I don't know if he went to France and was KIA, or stayed in France, or if he came back to the states. There is no record of him dying in France, there is no death record in Michigan for him. There is no mention of him in the probate records of Jules Nicolle.

About Henri Nicolle: The only mention of Henri Nicolle is in the baptismal record of Pearl Ferguson, Leonie Nicolle Ferguson's daughter. He was listed as the Godfather. Other than that, no other information is available

About Daniel Ralf Nicolle: Daniel was born 8 October 1883 in the newly incorporated town of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada to Jules Nicolle and Vitaline Galichet. He registered for the WWI draft 1917-1918, but did not serve because he was blind in one eye. The draft card listed him as tall, medium build with dark brown hair and blue eyes. At some point before 1916, he moved to the International Falls in Minnesota, but returned after the death of his father. After 1920 he moved back to Minnesota, where he worked at several different jobs, but most of the time he was employed as a forester/timberman. As with Felix, he never married. Around 1930, he went missing in the Cusson- International Falls area, and later was declared dead. His body was never found..

About Camille Nicolle: Camille was the first son of Jules Nicolle and Justine Morenier. As with Daniel, he too was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He was baptized 7 Aug 1887 in Sainte-Anne's parish in Sudbury. His godparents were Michel and Priselle Pilon. Camille died May 25 1889, at the age of 2 yrs old. The cause of death was written in Latin, "unda submersus" which could mean drowning. He is buried in Sudbury.

About Emile Nicolle: Emile was the first child to be born in Princeton, Marquette, Michigan. His birthday was July 10, 1892. He attended school up until the 8th grade, then worked in the mines until he was drafted in 1917-1918 for World War I. He served in the Army as a Private with Company A Pvt Co A HQ Regt 1. His draft recorded state his appearance as of medium height and build, with brown hair and light blue eyes.

After the Great War, he returned to Michigan, living and working in Iron county. Later in his life, he married Hulda Daumitz, a woman 20 years his senior. He died August 22, 1960 from complications of 'black lung", a hazard from working in the coal mines..He is buried along side his wife, in Stambaugh, Iron County, Michigan.

About Maximillien Léopold Joseph Nicolle: Again, another child death in a tragic way. He was born in Swanzy, Marquette county, Michigan, August 15, 1894. Died from Cholera; Nov 9, 1895

About Maximillien 'Albert' Nicolle: The youngest son of Jules and Justine Morenier. He was born in Princeton, one year after Matilda, on Dec 10, 1899. He also had limited education, working in the mines and forestry. He enlisted in the Army 1917 and spent the next two years, fighting the Germans. He served as a private, assigned to 6th Field Artillery, 1st Division. His many battles and expenditions were: Sommerville Sector
Ansauville Sector
Montdidier Sector
Second Battle of the Marne
St Mihiel
Argonne et Meuse
Coblens Bridge Head
Army of Occupation
Wounded July 22nd, 1918 (Aisne-Marne)
Cited in G.O. #14, Aug 16, 1919.
First Field Artillery Brigade
Victory Medal, Fivo Battle Clasps

He was wounded 3 times, which the
When Albert returned to the United States, he bought land in Munising, Alger County, Michigan where in worked in the timber industry.

After he was discharged from the Army, it was said he suffered from deep depression along with some other mental illness issues brought on from that War. He lead a somewhat solidary life, though he was an active member in the American Legion. He never married, and in 1938, took his own life following a 'layoff' from the company he worked for.