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Philippe Alexandre 'Léopold Morenier and Children

About Philippe Alexandre 'Léopold' Morenier: Léopold Morenier was born April 23, 1838 in the town of Corbion, located in the Province of Luxembourg, Belgium to Henri Barnard Joseph Morenier and Anne Marie Catherine Guiot. He is the father of Justine Morenier, my great grandmother. In 1860, he married Marie Catherine Mahut. Together they had 7 children. After Marie Catherine died in 1879, he gathered up his children and traveled the lenghty journey to North America to start a new life in Québec. They sailed on the ship.. Unclear as to why, but my guess is 1) jobs had become scarce in Belgium 2) His parents and siblings were all deceased. He remarried in 1892 to Malvina Noel. There were no children born to them.

Léopold made a voyage back to Belgium around 1910-11. He returned in 1912 where he made a brief visit to his wife in Saint-André-Avellin, and then moved to Princeton, Michigan to be close to his two daughters, Justine and Mathilde. His physical describtion from his border crossing papers, said he was 5'5, grey eyes, grey hair, and being mostly bald. He died in 1917, in a 'poor hospital' in Marquette, Michigan of some chronic illness that is undecyerable in his death record. He was 83 years. More information on Leopold Morenier is here

About Marie Catherine Mahut was born in 1843 in Lamorteau, Luxembourg, Belgium. She was the only child of Henry Mahut and Marie Catherine Berque. Both of her parents died when she was about 8 years old. I do not know which one of her relatives took custody of her until her marriage in 1860. She was 17 when she married Léopold Morenier. She gave birth to 7 children, 4 daughters and 3 sons. In 1879, she gave birth to Jean-Bapiste Camille. It must have been a very difficult delivery as she and the baby both died about 18 days later. Marie Catherine Mahut was only 35 years old. More information on Marie Catherine Mahut is here

About Marie Catherine Morenier was born in 1862, in Dampicourt, Luxembourg, Belgium. There is not much known about Marie Catherine Morenier other than she was the oldest child of Léopold Morenier and Marie Catherine Mahut. As it was customery in those days, the first daughter was named after the mother. She survived the voyage to Québec, and was listed in the 1891 Canadian census. After that, nothing. I've not being able to locate a marriage or death record for her. Information available on Marie Catherine Morenier is here

About Leonie Morenier was born in 1864, in Dampicourt, Luxembourg, Belgium. She survived the voyage to Québec, but that is all the information known about her. No other documents of marriage or death have been located. Data available on Léonie Morenier is here.

About Justine Françoise Morenier was born in 1866, in Dampicourt, Luxembourg, Belgium. More about Justine here

About Léopold Morenier was born in 1868, in Dampicourt, Luxembourg, Belgium. As with Marie Catherine and Leonie, nothing known about him except being listed in the 1891 Canadian Census, an 1889 inquiry to the Canadian Government concerning land in Golden City, British Columbia and listed as a godfather for Maximilen Léopold Nicolle in 1894. After that, there is no information known. Data on Léopold Morenier is here.

About Joseph Morenier was born in 1871, in Dampicourt, Luxembourg, Belgium. If it weren't for Joseph and his naturalization record with his place of birth listed, I would have not being able to trace the Moreniers to Dampicourt. He was granted citizenship in 1926. His naturalization record states his physical description as 5'5 in height, 136 pounds, blue eyes, brown hair, fair skin, and slim build. And like his brother, never married. He sailed out of Victoria, Canada to San Franciso, California on the ship Umatilla 1891. His last known address was Donal, in British Columbia. Joseph worked odd jobs, even bought a house. He died from a pulmonary infarction (blood clot) in the lung, brought on by bronchial pneumonia in Feb 1926. He was 55 years old. More data on Joseph here

About Mathilde Morenier was born in 1874, in Dampicourt, Luxembourg, Belgium. She was the youngest daughter, being 5 years old when her mother died, and 8 when she traveled to Canada. She was listed as godmother to Mathila Florida Nicolle in 1890. She might have lived with Jules and Justine after they were married and made the move back to Sudbury. In the 1900 US census, she, along with Leonie Nicolle, were recorded as boarders in Menonimee county

About Jean Baptiste Camille Morenier was born in 1879, in Dampicourt, Luxembourg, Belgium. He died